Replacing rear shocks

71 inch 38Lbs/169N Shocks Struts for Leer ARE ATC Camper Topper Rear Window, Truck Tonneau Cap Bed Cover, Pack of 2PCS. Pull the shock out and repeat this step on the other side of the Ion. Spray penetrating oil on the bolts of both shocks. Rear shock replacement on xc90. Nov 25, 2018 · Shock Replacement STEP 1: First, block the wheels. If needed, you may once again affix the anti-roll bar if you removed it earlier. 5-2. Remove rear interior side panel. RevZilla photo. Struts cost between $725 and $750 for a set, including installation, according to Mogab. 800. 5 hour per side, while the 2009 Acura calls for 0. 3. It's a sensible design assuming that all the loads  Video: Rear Shock Replacement On Range Rover Full Size 2003-2005 (L322) 123. Front Shocks and Struts Replacement First, park the Corolla on level ground and engage the parking brake. Remove tire and cover (Fender Liner). Upper one is a 21mm, and the nut is held in place so no worries on getting that one loosened. You 'll notice the front end of your vehicle rising while the rear “squats” during hard  27 Sep 2016 Note: Replacing front and rear shocks are pretty much the same process with a couple of exceptions. Changing a single rear shock is well within the scope of anyone who can remove the bike’s wheels – though some late-80s and early-90s models have ridiculously complicated linkages and will take Detailed instructions on replacing the rear shocks on a 1998 F-150. 2. Replace the rear shocks on a 1997-2005 Chevy Venture, Montana, Silhouette, or Pontiac Transport. Select your Year, Make, Model and Engine to find those that fit your vehicle. Shock/Strut should always be replaced in pairs. Jack the rear of the car up via the differential Step 3 – Unbolt the shocks from the upper mounts. C16-09209 15. the dealer replaced both the insulators on my front sway bar and that stopped the banging. Floor Jack. Applies to both 2WD and 4WD. Raise and support vehicle. Previous owner replaced the OEM front electronic shocks with Bilstein coilovers. Fit the spring assembly in place (the spring bracket Aug 23, 2011 · The AC DELCO part # 19207418 rear shocks did not work with the FE1 soft ride front struts. I suggest replacing the lower shock mounts also. When to Replace Your Subaru Shocks and Struts | Center Subaru. The shock mounts tend to wear and fall apart  1 Aug 2019 Found on both front and rear suspension systems. #2. Other than that, it's just the nut/bolt at the bottom, and a nut on the top. Repeat this several times until the shock pumps smoothly in both directions. Loosen the nut at the upper After replacing the fuse the compressor worked great. Took my car for an oil change and was given a list of needed repairs one of which was a leaking rear shock. Torque to approximately 75 ft/lbs. 2 Feb 2017 For re-installation of the rear shocks, follow these steps in reverse order by securing but not tightening the upper two bolts, replacing the lower  Buy GZYF 12. 4636 or West Coast 1-800. floor jack. We'll show you the right hand, or passenger side. Undo the most easily accessed of the two bolts 5. Protect the replacement (or re-used) shocks in the vise as noted above, and reassemble the compressed spring over the shocks (if new springs are to be installed, then decompress the old spring and discard (sell?), then compress the new spring). They soak up shocks from road bumps and potholes and keep your vehicle riding smooth and stable. It's very easy to replace the rear shocks, you don't have to jack up the truck or remove the rear wheels. Tear away the trunk or hatch sidewall carpeting and expose the top  1 Feb 2010 You will know when your rear shock absorbers are going or gone as the car will feel bouncy and unstable at the back, aswell as making loud  Replacing the rear shock top mounts (with OEM parts). Gas shocks do not need to be primed like non-gas shocks before installation. You should always replace your shocks in pairs: either two in the front or two in the rear in the struts, or all four together. Step 6 – Remove and replace the rear shocks Spray mounting bolts with lubricant and let sit for a short while. Remove the lower shock mounting bolt (18mm). STEP 1: First, block the wheels. When to replace shock absorbers (6 noticeable signs) When driving, a vehicle’s shocks are always in use. Install the new shock/strut. 99 each. 30 Jan 2019 Since these are shocks only and not struts on the back, it's a straight remove and replace operation on them. (There may have been some clever way to install while the shock was still compressed, but I couldn’t figure it out. by Vepagoo $22. Use impact wrench to undo the lower strut bolt. May 26, 2016 · Rear shocks can be replaced relatively easily with minimal tools, although the coil over shock design found on the front will require a spring compressor, extending the procedure. Secure rear with jack and jack stands. No Need to disconnect the battery or remove any fuses or remove cup holder, you will damage the panel as it is attached to panel with melted plastic tab. Common signs that you need to replace your shocks and struts are: extended braking distance, your vehicle "bounces" after driving over speed bumps or driveway ramps, unstable steering and reduced tire grip and stability. If you are replacing the air spring as well, go to the next section. 1. But, after talking to them they also told me it would be cheaper for me to buy a whole new bike then replace the rear shock alone. The factory rear cross support can be used for the upper rear shock mounts if the shocks are mounted in front of the rear axle. At the top of the wheel well, you can easily locate the two upper shock mount bolts. Updated: March 15, 2020. This was a very inexpensive fix at less than $150. Dec 08, 2009 · A replacement bushing can be obtained from Bilstein by calling them at East Coast 1. Mar 24, 2016 · Step 5 – Remove and replace rear shocks Remove the two upper mounting bolts. I replaced them with KYB Monomax shocks. Shock absorbers and struts are parts of the vehicle suspension. on Dec 11, 2019. Remove the rear wheel & tire. Nov 25, 2018 · It is always recommended that you replace shocks in pairs, front or back. Before taking off any parts or beginning this job, Step 2: Locate the springs and the strut connections . The ass end of your motorcycle is pretty heavy. dismantle shock by holding in vice and undoing top nut. Remove rear seat base from the interior. Jan 28, 2012 · when driving down the street and hitting a bump the rear passenger side shock would actually hit the bed of my truck because the tub broke just to the left of it. Apr 28, 2016 · Jack up the rear of the car and remove the wheels and tires. Top shock bolt. Shocks wear out over time, making it difficult to   19 Oct 2006 To access the rear shocks, first remove the metal trunk guard that protects Front shock, after benefit of replacing rear shocks: about 1. 00 to replace two shocks was a bit high, especially since I can buy the shocks for just over $100. Buy a 2008 Saturn Aura Shock Absorber at discount prices. Jack the vehicle up slightly to remove the load on the jack stands, then remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle to the ground. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, API, DIY Solutions, FCS Automotive, Gabriel, KYB, Monroe, TRQ, Unity. 21 mm ratchet wrench or adjustable wrench or 21 mm wrench. torque wrench. Acura MDX rear suspension diagram. Under normal conditions, 75,000 to 90,000 miles might be reasonable. May 16, 2017 · Hi. Lifetime replacements are rarely a good investment…unless you have a 77′ Chevy Nova. Find the wheel hubs and the brake hose that is connected to the strut. As the shock compresses, the bike gets taller. Raise the rear of the car and support with jack stands. I removed the lining from the trunk, but can't figure out how to remove the rubber dust cover on top of the shock tower. Step 2 - Jack up the rear of the truck. Shocks and struts influence the control and handling characteristics of your vehicle while holding the tires to the road. After removing the wheel, Step 9 – Repeat steps 1 to 7. It also helps to spray the shock mount bolts with wD-40 or some other type of lubrication and let it sit for a few hours. Apr 29, 2020 · Replace the wheel. Use a ratcheting wrench to loosen and remove the upper mounting nut. Before you begin, measure the distance between the center Step 2 – Install new front shocks. Remove the upper mounting bolts connecting the shock to the body of the Ion. Unlike the Sachs rear shock absorbers originally installed on the Sprinter, the Bilsteins are "gas pressure" shocks. Then I found on the net somewhere another brand for the SRX, matching the lower but still exhorbitant price. Rather tired original against the new. Now onto re-installing it. Place the top mounting plate over the shock/spring unit, and replace the top mounting bolt. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If you don't feel comfortable, at least replace the rear shocks yourself and take it in to your local off road shop and have them replace the shocks. A mid-level suspension system commonly begins with a 2. Use the form above to tell us what you drive. Step 3: Raise the vehicle . First, learn how to do it the right way by watching this video. Coil Shock Versus Air Shock. Remove the rear nut from the crossbolt. Remove the wheel and extract the old shock/strut. 00 with new shocks on all 4 corners. ThomasE. You should now Remove the bolt on at the bottom end of the shock absorber where it connects to the lower control arm. STEP 4: Remove the bottom shock bolt using a box end Sep 30, 2016 · How to Replace Suspension Springs Step 1: Remove power from the vehicle . With the rear wheel removed and the vehicle securely resting on jack stands, Step 2. The shocks and struts in your car are part of the suspension, and they help protect your engine and the rest of your vehicle from the various bumps in the road. You run the risk of uneven tire wear which will cost you much more in the long run. As soon as you’ve taken the shock out of the wrapping, have a good look at 2. Set the new shocks into place and loosely tighten Step 3 – Remove the rear shocks. They retain both the air ride and the electronic dampening features and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Suspension bushings (may require shock removal anyway) Springs (may require shock removal anyway) Since your car is on a lift with wheels and tires removed for any of these jobs, there is potential labor savings to proceeding with shock replacement at the same time. Lower it and get it out. Now you have access to the two bolts you'll remove the change the rear shocks. : My ten year old shocks needed changing. Once you have all three bolts removed, you have to guide the bracket and shock out. Unbolt the shocks from the lower shock plates. If you’re removing the rear axle housing, don’t forget to pull the driveshaft out of the rearend yoke. the shock is just sitting there and every time i hit a bump it slams into the underside of my bed. Start by securing the two bolts onto the upper mount first before doing the large bolt on the lower mount. Access the rear strut bolts. flathead screwdriver. Reinstall the C-pillar's cover, connect the rear seat belt tensioner, Step 11 – Get an alignment. Slide the new shock absorber and spring into position, then install the lower shock bolt. I would start spraying them with wd40 a few days before you plan on doing them and have a pipe wrench handy to stop the shocks from rotating. 4. The top shock nuts come off easily with an air gun - but without you might need a counter hold tool (to keep the shock from spinning when you undo the top nut) There is a black product plate in the right rear door jam (on the 2008 I checked) that has codes for various items - you'll need the legend to be able to decipher it. Securely raise one side of the car. Written by Tim Bossie. Apr 03, 2009 · Shocks are part of the overall suspension, and a strut is a complete suspension assembly. With the shock bolt disconnected, the shock absorber and spring can be removed from the vehicle. Like many other car components, overtime this continuous use will lead to general wear and tear and they’ll lose their ability to function properly. ) rear: 18 mm wrench and gearwrench or ratchet and socket. Remove the shock absorber from the rear knuckle first when removing the shock absorber from vehicle by pushing down on the rear suspension. Step 2 – Raise and support the rear tires. That channel is also spot welded to the side panel if multiple spots from top to bottom of channel. Thus, the shock absorber is a small part of the strut. The reason I decided to change them out is b/c the Honda dealer (while my car was in their shop getting the rear control arms replaced as part of a recall) told me my rear shocks were "leaking" and needed to be replaced. Dec 23, 2015 · The rear suspension on a motorcycle has to cope with large amounts of stress, and the twin shock setup on Harley models can be especially hard on the shocks. Your rear shock is an integral part of your bike’s active suspension and parts will wear and require replacing through time and hard riding. Plus, the ride is going to be uneven and harsh. The steps shown are done on a 850 wagon but most of what you read here can also be applied to the sedan. The job itself is not too difficult for a novice to complete; there's just some cramped places to work around, and a spring tension tool is needed. After removing the wheel, place a support like a block of wood underneath the brake rotor. Start with the upper shock mount. Can Standard Shocks be used to replace the electronic shocks on the rear of a 2007 Acura MDX - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Acura We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The stock shocks should have a "slot" in the top of the shaft so you can prevent the shaft from spinning when you are trying to loosen the nut. Check whether you need a spring compressor. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY  Installing shock & strut. Oct 27, 2010 · One other thing about paying someone to replace your shocks: Beware the promise of “lifetime” shock replacement. Drives:03 Silv WT. 0 1. Rear Shocks Step 8 – Access the rear strut tower. xj8 rear shock replacement This is my modified 'factory method' of replacing the rear shocks. In this video, we're going to show you how to replace the rear shock on this 2007 Pontiac G6. Shocks from the factory are notoriously "eh" on many models. The rear struts top nut on the piston rod is completely enclosed by a steel channel that is bolted on top under rear side window and on floor of behind the seat area. Under extreme conditions, oil inside the shock can experience cavitation. Jack up the rear of the car and remove the wheels and The prices of the correct replacement shocks these guys talked about was so shockingly high to me I thought the $400+ and $800+ per shock prices were a mistake. This can be a bit tricky. Step 10 – Reinstall. Step 1: Get the motorcycle elevated. Remove the liner in the wheel well, and use a ratchet and a wrench to disconnect the lower bolt from the shock and the steering knuckle. Remove both front and rear crossmember mounting bolts (2 and 3) on repair-side of vehicle. Makes the job simpler if you have a good range of tools and access to air. Learn how to replace rear shock absorbers fast and easy. Use an open end wrench in between the bolt and the link in order to hold the shaft in place. Don’t forget the test drive! Jan 05, 2015 · Shock Absorber Replacement. Just the nut. The shock absorber, in contrast to the strut does not set the wheel geometry and does not replace the suspension arm and ball joint. Generally, you will know when it's time to replace the shocks when your car does not take bumps as well, there is a noticeable let down in suspension, or when your turns are not as sharp. Use a Crescent wrench to hold the shaft still. Symptoms of a bad bearing plate include: Steering noise such as snapping, popping, creaking or groaning sounds when turning. Suspension noise such as clunking, rattling or popping on rough roads. Tap the bolt out rearwards, gently. Shocks might need replaced once or twice in a typical ownership cycle. Replacing shocks on a pickup or SUV is easy. 19 mm shallow socket and wrench for reinstall (shock manufacturer dependent. Loosen the lug nuts with the truck still on the ground. Suspension damage can cause cupping in tires, which is when cups or scalloped dips develop around the edge of the tread. Figure 3. When upgrading your rear shock, one major question is whether to get a coil shock or an air shock. Tighten the nut by hand then turn it half a turn, that’s it. The feel of rocking and rolling when driving around corners. The shocks and/or struts in your car perform two functions. Tighten the wheel to the proper specifications, as well as the strut tower bolts. Replacing a rear shock absorber. This job takes 6min each side and saves you a lot of  7 Mar 2010 How to - Replace Shock Absorbers // Supercheap Auto Find replacement shock absorbers for your car at Supercheap Auto. Remove the cover for the top of the shocks in the rear cargo area by prying it open. Once the wrapping is removed, the shock quickly expands to its full length, which is about 8" longer than the installed length. The removal of the old shocks was very straightforward and the front shock mounts were very easy to get to and remove. 537. The javelins used staggered rear shocks so they used just one bracket on the left so the shock could be behind the rear axle. Do I have to remove the interior panels? And if so, how do I do this without breaking a bunch of things? Any info or advice will be greatly appreciated. When the air suspension starts leaking, the compressor (also known as an air pump) starts working harder to try to keep the system inflated. They are four dollars each and can be soaped down or sprayed with silicone and inserted into the eye on the top of the shock and you are good to go again. I bought new shocks for the rear suspension today and   It's actually a pretty straightforward procedure. For example, if your passenger’s side strut is going out, replace both front struts to ensure that each side handles the same. Tighten the lug bolts finger tight before lowering the car. Looking for help replacing rear shocks on 2012 Flex SEL. You can tell when shocks are worn and need replacing when you go over something like railroad tracks and the coach makes more than one up and down bounce from the change in surface. If you put a large flat head screwdriver in there to hold it, make sure it's a strong one or else you could break a cheap one. The driver's side is the same procedure, and we always recommend you replace your shocks in pairs. These shocks have a longer shaft and better travel and compression in order to accommodate the longer springs. jack stands. Step 3. Reinstall the new air suspension strut in reverse order. Changing the dual rear shocks on your motorcycle is not Step 2: Support the wheel and swingarm assembly. Loosen the shock bolts 13mm (2 bolts), lower They will not function as regular type shocks. Then replace the sway bar linkage bolt/nut, and re-torque all fasteners to specifications Dec 01, 2014 · Replacing the rear shocks on your Lexus IS is part of the maintenance required to keep your car running well. 5" 320mm A Pair Rear Shocks Absorber Replace Some Honda CX 500 CX 650 Rear Suspension: Shocks - Amazon. Pretty much the same for any 2005 to 2010 G6, as well as the Saturn Aura. step 3: Remove the bottom of the shock (1:27) Unbolt the bottom bolt securing the shock. The rear shocks on the FE2 equipped cars (check your rpo codes on the spare tire cover) are a Gas strut with air assist. Rear Shock Absorber Replacement Cost The average cost for a shock absorber replacement - rear is between $227 and $363. Support the strut and spring assembly, from below, as you remove the nuts. 8) Pull the strut assembly down and out of the wheel well. Cupped tires can be incredibly dangerous, so it’s important to look into having your tires rotated or replaced at the same time you replace your shocks. Rear Shock Access and Removal: Step 1. 99 $ 22 . Premature tire tread wear. Yes, PG. The time called for to do the rear shocks on the 2009 Cobalt is 0. Advance Auto Parts carries both struts and shocks, along with a full assortment of other quality auto parts. Apr 28, 2016 · How to Replace Your Shocks Step 1 – Remove the front struts. If you replace only one shock  18 Aug 2018 A selection of typical front and rear shock absorber designs In effect, it's the job of the shock absorber to keep the tyres in uniform contact with the  Always work on one side of the car at a time. I have a 2015 Chevy Tahoe LTZ with 60,000 miles that just started popping a few days ago in slow speed turns, left or right. Whole area clean up and checked while dismantled. Remove the bolt at the end of the control arm. Step 5 – Install the new shock Install your new shocks by reversing the order that you removed the old ones in. Replacing shock absorbers is necessary if they’ve worn out or completely failed. 5” lift, which often requires a shock designed to work with 2” – 4” lifts. “With heavy use, you could be looking to replace them at 40,000 or 50,000 miles or sooner. Jan 28, 2012 · Wondering if something had rusted off or came loose i found that the rear passenger side shock isnt even attached to anything. ). Side in picture is INCORRECT, and was done for photo purposes. Remove the wheel spindle and rear wheel. Step 3 – Remove the shock bolts. 19 Jul 2017 People change their rear motorcycle shocks for a variety of reasons: to gain better performance and greater adjustability, to get suspension that  You can repeat this test with the rear of the vehicle, too. Shocks and struts should be replaced in pairs. First, think about what kind of terrain you are riding and also what terrain your bike is intended for. I know it's a simple job but I thought I would add a little  17 Oct 2008 Nearly all rear shocks have pressed-in self-lubricating bushes running on aluminium spacers. If servicing left side shock absorber, remove fuel filler tube. It simply dampens vibrations directed along its axes. Aug 03, 2015 · Dependent on year, you'll need to get the spare tire out of the way if it's down under the bed of the truck. Repeat this step on the other side. Shock absorbers get bashed and smashed day in and day out, and sometimes they need replacing. This job takes 10min each side and saves you a lot of money if you do it yourself! To change the shocks you need a few sockets, a torque How to replace shocks and struts 1. Make sure the truck is parked on a leveled surface Step 3 - Remove the old shocks. Now if your car has the FE2 or F41 stiffer rides. Shocks are hydraulic pump like devices that help control the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle's springs and suspension. Step 3: Loosen the bolts How To: Replace Rear Shock Absorbers on a Audi 100/A6 How To : Fix a Broken Front Grille on a 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey How To : Remove and Install a Front Bumper Cover on a 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey 9. Mar 23, 2015 · Honda Accord: How to Replace Front and Rear Shocks Step 1 – Jack the car up. Old shock  5 Jan 2015 Shock Absorber Replacement. Make sure you put your truck on jack stands and don’t simply reply on your floor jack. Use a breaker bar and a 21 mm socket and some penetrating oil. If your airline develops a leak here, replace the rubber o-ring. This job takes 6min each side and saves you a lot of money if you do it yourself! To change the shocks you need With any shock replacement, make sure you replace them at least two at a time. One new shock can (and will) have an adverse effect on the handling and thus safety. Remove bolt attaching shock absorber to rear knuckle (Shock Absorber Attachment To Knuckle). Keep the shock upright to prevent oil from spilling out of the air hose fitting. You’ll feel it when your shocks wear out. Decompress the spring and remove the compressor. Replace the nut holding the shock absorber shaft to the mounting plate. Fit the spring with spacer ring and spring bracket on the damper. Inexpensive. Article pertains to 1997-2003 F-150 trucks, and is similar to 2004-newer trucks. A new shock has different damping characteristics as the old one and it can lead to weird steering behaviour, loss of grip on one wheel, etc. Registered 1. Shocks (and struts) wear out so gradually, it's nearly impossible to feel the difference while you're driving. I'd say that 50-100k is the lifespan of a shock absorber. Watch Gareth, our Land Rover Technician, show you how to replace the rear  1 Nov 2011 So today when I decided to change my rear shocks ("dampers" as the Brits and Yanks call 'em) I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. Removing the rear shock is a little tricky. It's recommended to work on one wheel at a time when completing this Step 4: Remove 1. Jul 09, 2012 · IF the shock is completely separate from the spring you dont have to worry about the alignment. 8 hour per side. CAUTION: To avoid damaging other components of vehicle, do not lower crossmember (1) any further than necessary to remove shock absorber. As the shock extends, the bike stands lower. Pick up a wrench and get to work, dont hand your car over to some mechanic when you could do the repairs yourself. Positioned horizontally under the motorcycle, the shock is mounted to the frame in the front of the bike and to the swing arm in the rear. the metal part thats attached to the truck, the beam that the shock is attached to is completely rusted off. Gently lower the wheel to the ground. I was shocked to say the least (pun intended). Share this post. Nov 17, 2019 · How to Replace Shocks - Installing New Shocks Fit the new shock back onto the suspension control arm. Unfortunately, my rear shock has developed a severe leak, and needs replacement. ”. Use two 21mm sockets with a breaker bar or pipe for leverage on the bolt at the bottom of the shock. They control the action of the spring to resist bottoming out -- like when you hit a pothole -- and keep the movement of the springs under control when they rebound. Support your bike with the rear wheel a little off the ground. 99 Dec 21, 2015 · Support the rear wheel as you remove the lower bolt and washers from the other shock. Reviewed by. Without shocks and struts, a vehicle would continually bounce and bound down the road, making driving difficult. Helm. Upper strut mount nuts, under hood. The rear shock spring preload may be adjusted to the total load, or maybe varied to suit your own personal comfort. For now (and it is actually holding up better than what i had thought hoped for) cleaned up the holes and the tube as best i could, took away any sort of rust i could reach, and fit a 2 and 3/4 inch ridged pipe into the existing broken pipe and hole. Bilstiens are also a great shock, I put them on my last truck. Make sure to install the rubber O-ring, washer and all the parts as recommended by the shock manufacturer. How to Replace Front Shock Absorbers. There is currently a summer sale on with a reduction of 35%. If the plate is rusted, loose, worn, noisy, binding or damaged, it has to be replaced. The rear shocks even had the same fittings a the factory shocks so connecting them was a dream. Consult  But recognizing when it's time to replace shocks or struts isn't always easy. . Looking at the strut assembly, remove the dust cover and compress the spring. This how-to guide will walk you through replacing the rear springs and shocks on your 850. Push down on the lower A-arm, and align the top mounting plate bolts in the holes in the chassis, and replace the mounting plate nuts. I took it into the local bike shop, and they said it wasn't worth fixing and should be replaced. Step 9 – Repeat steps 1 to 7 That depends. Use a pry bar to pry the spindle free from the strut. Dec 09, 2005 · The Bilstein rear shocks are shipped with the rods fully compressed into the shock cylinder. They *literally* quoted me at $695 dollars for replacing the shocks alone! Today, I went to replace the rear shocks with my OME 60004 shocks, but decided not to because I saw that wire going into the rear shocks. on Dec 02, 2010. Figure 4. You will start Sep 08, 2013 · Autoride rear shocks are also electrically dampened in addition to auto leveled. Position an extra Feb 06, 2011 · The rear shocks are much easier to replace than the front struts. A low banging or thumping rattle when going over bumps only. Monroe offers premium replacement shocks and struts featuring state of the art ride control technologies specifically designed for each vehicle with extensive coverage for European, Asian and North American passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. 1983 300SD rear shock & spring R&R DIY #1. I took it to the local Chevy dealer and they said my shock abosorbers are shot and want $1900 It’s important to ensure the bike is well supported when you remove the motorcycle rear shocks. 2004-2015 Nissan Armada Air Compressor Assembly- Creates and sends pressurized air to the rear air shocks. Position a suitable jackstand under the lower arm at the lower shock absorber Hawley recommends replacing struts and shocks in sets for the safety and stability of the vehicle. Repeat the steps to replace the other 3 shock absorbers, if If the shock bushings' rubber is obviously cracked or badly distorted, you'll usually have to replace the shocks to get the new bushings. May 05, 2015 · Whichever brand you choose, save yourself a ton of money by replacing the rear shocks yourself. step 1: Removing the Shock (0:58) Jack up the truck (optional). Remove two fasteners holding the splash shield to the shock assembly upper mount. However, loosing electrical dampening in the rear, the ride quality differential is much less vs loosing electrical dampening in the front. When going over imperfect road surfaces like slight potholes or poorly repaired ones. Jun 17, 2010 · Hi I need help replacing my rear shocks. If there’s a center stand attached, this can help a lot; the rear tire needs to be about 6 inches off the ground to carry out the work. Wrong side nut was removed to indicate which bolt! Tap out from rear (opposite) side! The shock assemblies are now held on by one bolt, at the top of each shock. Remove the lower mounting shock bolt. Use a combination of sockets and extension to remove three upper strut mount bolts. Remove the old shock absorber and replace it with the new one. 15 mm ratchet wrench for reinstall (shock manufacturer dependent) Shocks Replacement. Sounded like something was loose up front, drivers side suspension. Mount spring compressor assembly to the rear spring and compress, to reduce tension on the strut assembly. Jun 10, 2016 · Remove rear wheels. Average Cost of Shocks and Struts Replacement The average cost to replace shocks and struts varies depending on a lot of factors but typically range between less than $150 and $400 for the low-end vehicles and between $400 and $3,000 or more for the high-end models. People change their rear motorcycle shocks for a variety of reasons: to gain better performance and greater adjustability, to get suspension that is suited to the rider's weight and riding style, to change ride height, or just to replace worn-out parts with fresh new units. (Refer to LUBRICATION & MAINTENANCE/HOISTING - STANDARD PROCEDURE). It can be done from memory they are 12mm nuts and then the shocks are 22mm. If you want to do the fronts and don't have a compressor with an impact gun remove the coilovers from the truck, mark each side Left or Right accordingly and draw a line from the top mount all the way down to the spring bucket. Mar 15, 2020 · When struts and shock absorbers should be replaced. Strut Type Shock Absorbers: Struts replace part of the suspension system. In this video we review the Harley-Davidson Shocks and upgrading to Progressive shocks. 00 a pair. IF the spring goes around the shock (a strut, and how most cars are these days) it would be best to get an alignment after they are replaced because they are the upper pivot point for the wheels so replacing them could change the alignment just like on the front wheels. You might need a hammer to work the bolts out once you have removed the nuts. Here's what you gotta do: 1. Lower the control arm to get the spring out of the way. For example, if you’re front right shock is blown, you will also want to replace your front left shock. Can someone give me a quick write up explaining step by step how to replace the shocks, starting from removing the dust cover, and 2 Answers 1. Your shocks suspend your car softly in the rear, but the points at which the other supports attach to your car's frame in the rear have their own little shocks called bushings. So it is possible to do properly without aligning. Loosen the bolt & nut and then disconnect the shock absorber (A) from the rear axle. While there is no simple answer to this question, hopefully this information will make it a little more clear. The only hard part is the top nut is in a tight spot which is tough if you have large hands. Results 1 to 4 of 4. This can cause the oil to foam, at which point the shock fails to appropriately damp spring energy. Posted May 17, 2010. Depress the spring bracket to relieve the load on the shock absorber and add 3. H. Bob LaRosa gives a review of the stock Harley shocks and why we might want to upgrade to an aftermarket product like Progressive Suspensions 440 series. vice or clamps. If your doing a rear shock, do both, if your doing front shocks, do both fronts. Handling will get worse and the ride might feel bouncy or uneven. you can R&R both the rear shocks and front struts (online) in half the time allowed in  Replacing the Rear Shock Absorbers on a Honda Civic 1999. 5. Repeat the process like you did for the front shocks. A simple shock upgrade can allow Replace the rear shocks on a 1997-2005 Chevy Venture, Montana, Silhouette, or Pontiac Transport. R. You may also hear a banging noise. lbs. How do I access the top of the shock to remove it? Looks like the top of the tower is under the rear-most arm rest. Jiggle the swingarm as you pull the bolts free. How To Replace Front and Rear Shock Absorbers on ANY Ute or Truck SUPER EASY! 17 Nov 2019 If you need to replace your car's shock absorbers but don't want to pay When replacing rear coil springs, should I apply any sort of grease? 1 Dec 1999 but conventional shocks are on lots of cars, plus almost all those SUVs, pickups and at least the rear suspension of minivans. Do NOT remove the bolt yet. I thought the price of over $400. Use the 14mm dogbone wrench and 5mm Allen wrench to loosen the damper shame bolt, but don't remove it. Jun 03, 2010 · 7) Remove the three 13mm nuts that secure the upper mount to the body (strut tower), under the hood. Install the shock absorber and spring assembly on the lower arm. Post by JontyP » Sun 16 Sep, 2007 17:37. Be careful not to damage the hub bolts when removing the rear wheel & tire. Discussion in ' Street Suspension ' started by deltabowhunter, Mar 29, 2018 . Yes, you need to replace both shocks at the same time. ) Push down on the shaft of the shock, and replace the top shock mount. Don’t overtighten the copper nut by the air line or you will damage the rubber o-ring. Reverse these steps for assembly. DISCLAIMER: Our pictorials  When replacing your rear shocks, always replace them in a pair. Must  Replacing Rear Shocks on '66 Mustang. Support the rear wheel as you remove the lower bolt and washers from the other shock. 1085 and asking for them to send you the special Monaco top rubber bushing. Nov 17, 2014 · Ford F-150/F-250: How to Replace Rear Shocks Step 1 - Remove the rear tire. After undoing the 4 top plate nuts, the spring is compressed, bottom arm levered down and spring slid out. Use a Crescent wrench to hold the Dec 08, 2009 · As an old auto fan, that is hard to believe. Some year models have pre-cut marks in the carpet above the shock bolts. May 16, 2016 · Step 2 – Replace rear shock Figure 2. Steps 3 to 5 apply Step 7 – Remove the rear lower shock/strut bolt Use the 14mm socket and wrench to remove the lower strut bolt as well as the nut. This is because a new shock absorber will absorb road bumps better than the old one. If you look up above the shock you can see the bracket that needs to come off. Good oportunity to apply some rust prevention. But that’s another story. Replacing the Rear Shocks & Springs on the W126 1985 300SD by whunter 3/18/06. What You'll Need. “Driving on rough or unpaved roads, towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads, can shorten their functional life,” says Reina. If you get a ratchet 22mm with a flex head it makes life alot easier as you only get about 1/8th of a turn on each time. The vehicle drives great and levels when loaded. AutoZone carries hundreds of thousands of parts and accessories. Easy step by step instructions on how to replace an automotive shock absorber, this information pertains most vehicles. Insert a 76 mm (3 inch) piece of rubber hose on the upper shock absorber stud, then position the spring and upper rubber seat on the shock absorber. The only difference between the wagon and the sedan is a slight variation on how to access the top shock mount bolts. Although you can have individual struts replaces, typically you will find that both struts are replaced at the same time. Remove the upper and lower shock If that doesn't do it, you might need to replace your rear suspension bushings. Remove and replace the shock. Plunging forward on stops. WonderHowTo. Use a box wrench to remove the end link bolt from the shock. May 17, 2010 · I replaced my shocks on my truck at 175k miles, they were beyond worthless. I checked my ball joints and there's no play. Figure 7. Indications of Wear & Tear on Shocks and Struts. Lower shock bolt. Place the jack stands in their respective positions by the pinch welds Step 2 – Gain access to top mount bolts. The stock shocks were designed to fit a variety of riding styles as well as the average rider size, but are not optimized for each rider's needs. On the opposite end of the shock, you will see one larger bolt which holds How To: Replace Rear Shock Absorbers on a Audi 100/A6 How To : Fix a Broken Front Grille on a 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey How To : Remove and Install a Front Bumper Cover on a 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey May 05, 2015 · Remove the bolt that connects the sway bar to the rear shocks. The AMX used two brackets so both shocks could be mounted to the rear of the rear axle. May 08, 2020 · Replacing shocks on your car can dramatically improve your vehicle’s performance. 745. They also absorb the energy of the springs and keep the vehicle from bouncing excessively. Dec 21, 2015 · Remove and retain the lower bolt and washers from one shock, then remove and retain the upper bolt and washers. Oct 20, 2008 · The GM shop manual does describe a technique of scribing positional marks on various suspension components so that the vehicle does not have to be aligned after. The stiffer shocks, Monroe MA822 and the AC DELCO 19207418 rear shocks will probably work with the stiffer FE2 or F41 front struts. May 27, 2018 · Step 1: First of all, block the wheels so that the vehicle does not move away. Then loosen the lug nuts on whichever end STEP 2: Jack the truck up and secure it on stands, making sure it’s secure STEP 3: Next, put on some safety glasses and slide under the truck. On both sides of vehicle, remove wheel mounting nuts (3), then rear tire and wheel assembly (1). 20. replacing rear air shocks with standard 16 Oct 2019 How to install new shocks. These crucial components play a pivotal role in your suspension system, as they not only help smooth out rough roads by absorbing potholes and broken pavement, but they also affect braking, handling and tire wear. Isn't replacing  15 Mar 2020 Rear shock absorber. Jan 05, 2015 · Learn how to replace rear shock absorbers fast and easy. Then, remove the upper shock bolt and washers, keeping the shock upright as you do. Steps 2 to 5 apply to the replacing the rear shocks. Step 2: If you find out that the shocks are rusty, then it is recommended to use penetrating oil Step 3: Take out the jack to jack the truck up and secure it on the stands. 0  31 Jul 2017 Servicing your suspension? Fitting offset bushings? Here's how to remove your rear shock without doing any damage. Remove the nut from the top bolt. These worn shock symptoms won't appear overnight. Then loosen the lug nuts on whichever end of the vehicle you’re doing – just loosen, don’t remove them yet. ***Servicing a hybrid vehicle usually requires removal of trunk access panel for power supply access, shut off and reconnection. Shock absorbers or struts may need replacing if a vehicle has been driven more than 75,000 miles or if its ride and handling have deteriorated -- some shocks can wear out after 25,000-35,000 miles. You'll have to bring the rear seats down, disconnect the seat belt tensioner and remove the covering on the C-pillar. Aligning the car after strut replacement does ensure that the suspension is in good order. It's considered best to replace shocks or struts in pairs (left and right), and sometimes both the front and back sets will be worn out or nearly worn out, and need replacing simultaneously. Tighten to 105 Nm (77 ft. Step 4: If you need some another jack or Prepare to Replace Your Rear Suspension Bushings open end wrenches. You will not need another wheel  To replace the rear shock absorbers on an Alfa 159 Sportwagon, the top securing nut is located underneath the interior wheel arch covering either side of the  5 Jul 2018 Not sure when you need to change your shock absorbers? Conversely, worn rear shocks will cause the back of the vehicle to drop  18 Oct 2019 Each wheel on your car has either a shock or a strut, never both; although, a vehicle may have struts in the front and shocks in the rear. This is done by holding the shock upright and pulling it all the way out, then turning it upside down and pushing it all the way in. That said, it's still easily handled by your average DIY'er, so let's get it done. Learn More. This is what the lower eyelets of the shocks attach to. They were to stiff, the fronts struts are soft. It's You can also let the odometer be your shock replacement gauge: “As a general rule of thumb, OEM hydraulic twin-tube shocks only last about 15,000 to 20,000 miles when used in a work truck environment (towing, hauling heavier loads, off-road/off-pavement use),” says Shane Casad, Bilstein of America , who specializes in pickup suspension setups. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. You should also spray the air bladders on the shocks to check for leaks. As you progress in lift height, there’s a greater demand on the shocks and a greater demand for a better alternative to stock or entry level shocks. Labor costs are estimated between $149 and $189 while parts are priced between $78 and $174. Share on other sites. Jun 26, 2018 · If that’s the route you want to take, we have these fully remanufactured OEM rear shocks by Arnott Industries, the industry leader in replacement air suspension components. Check your air lines for leaks by spraying them with soapy water when the compressor is running. There are many other obvious signs that point to the necessity to replace shocks and struts, including: The car bottoming out. You may need to place the breaker bar in between the lower strut and control arm to wiggle the bolt loose. These rubber bushings can wear out, and then they become much less squishy. Check your torque specs in the service manual. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. If you need this question answered because you are facing your first replacement on a current vehicle, you can use the Make-Model-Year calculator at Shockwarehouse to determine Dec 01, 2014 · Generally, you will know when it's time to replace the shocks when your car does not take bumps as well, there is a noticeable let down in suspension, or when your turns are not as sharp. Access to the lower shock bolts is  22 Oct 2019 Replacing your shock absorbers can cost anywhere between £250 and Press up and down on the front or rear of the car (over the wheel in  4 Jan 2016 When I had the bike setup by my local bike shop they told me I would probably need to replace my rear shock due to my height/weight (6′ and  16 Aug 2018 Bilstein shock absorbers for the rear which are quality made units cost £50. When you notice it, do something about it sooner rather than later. Tighten the damper's locknut (grip the piston rod to prevent it from turning). 1995 Mercury Marquis Front End Wanders And Moves This Has Been A Problem For About 8 Months, Has Sat In The Yard About 6 Months. Remove the 17mm nut on the lower suspension link, then the two bolts on the front. May 26, 2016 · Rear Shocks Step 1 – Remove the rear interior panel. Install a new bolt. Shock absorbers reduce the shock of rough roads and make the ride smooth. Shock absorbers or struts can cost anywhere from $40-$400 EACH, depending on the make and model of your vehicle and what you are looking for in terms of performance. Keep your rear shock running smoothly with our range of replacement parts including bushings, seals, springs, remote lockout kits, valves, adjuster knobs and more. Detach the rear axle housing from the leaf springs by unbolting and removing the lower shock plates from it. Loosen the mounting bolts and then remove the shock absorber (A). Strut The coil spring must then be compressed with a spring compressor to replace the strut assembly. replacing rear shocks

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